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EigenLayer introduces the Ethereum restaking, liquid restaked tokens build another layer on top of the EigenLayer

To understand Liquid restaked token, one need to undserstand EigenLayer and restaking first, please find our article.

The King of Restaking: Is EigenLayer's Business Model a Gem or a Mud

In brief, EigenLayer allows you to restake your already staked ETH to secure other networks, enabling users to earn additional rewards alongside their ETH staking rewards.

However, EigenLayer's restaking model comes with a drawback: once you restake your ETH, the tokens become locked on EigenLayer, rendering them illiquid. Similar to liquid staking derivatives, liquid restaked tokens provide a solution by unlocking this liquidity and introducing an additional layer on top of EigenLayer. This may seem like an added layer of risk and complexity, and indeed, it is. Nevertheless, it's a means to generate extra yield and leverage within DeFi.

While this sector is still in its infancy, some protocols are already actively working in this area. Stader Labs has launched rsETH (restaked ETH) and is currently in the testing phase. Two other protocols offering similar liquid restaking tokens are Astrid Finance and InceptionLST.

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