Mantle Network, the First Layer 2 to use EigenDA | Crypto Daily Digest Aug. 23

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Mantle Network, the Layer 2 developed by BitDAO, will be the first rollup to use EigenDA as data availability layer

Mantle Network is an Optimistic Rollup developed by BitDAO. It uses a modular design, where the core functions of blockchain operation are performed on specialized layers, aiming for lower costs and better overall performance.

This Layer 2 is based on a fork of Optimism's OVM system as the execution layer, and as a Layer 2 its security counted on Ethereum. What's special about Mantle network is its data availability layer.

It is the first rollup that plan to use EigenDA data availability solution via EigenLayer once it's live. EigenDA will serve as the mainnet counterpart to the data availability layer in the modular blockchain structure, with a focus on security and accurately stroing transaction data.

The DA Layer core function is to record transaction data completely and accurately while ensuring accessibility, verifiability.

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