Mystery Address nd4.eth Keep Burning its Asset | Crypto Daily Digest Aug. 10

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After transferring 2,500 ETH to the Black Hole address for destruction on 26 July, the mysterious address destroyed 1 BAYC, 1 MAYC and 1 BAKC on 10 August, for a total of nearly $5 million worth of assets transferred to the Black Hole address.

Mysterious Address nd4.eth Burns 2,500 ETH, 3 Bored Ape NFT by Sending to Black Hole Address

Blockchain analyst Haotian analyzed the mysterious address as follows:

  1. Through on-chain investigation, it was initially found to be highly correlated with nd4.eth (with significant transactions between them), indicating a high likelihood of being controlled by the same individual. The related addresses are: endit.eth, enditall.eth, noth.eth, blackholefaller.eth, and ndnow.eth.
  2. The combined assets of the above addresses currently amount to approximately $3.7 million USD. These assets are primarily from the staking activities of nd4.eth on platforms such as GMX, GNS, gTrade, and ApeStake. The NFT holdings include 1 CryptoPunk #5237, 1 MAYC #3573, 1 BAYC #71, and 1 BAYC #289, totaling around $250,000 USD. This implies that there are still around $3.95 million USD worth of assets that can be burned.
  3. The controversy surrounding the transfer of nd4.eth to the address 0x0xdEAD000000000000000042069420694206942069 being a true "black hole" address is currently debated. The address consists of DEAD +0000000000000000+ four repeated cycles of 42069, embodying a strong hacker culture. Fairly speaking, it may not be a traditional black hole but rather an address with a matching public-private key pair that is computationally almost impossible to calculate with current technology. Therefore, it is used by some projects or individuals as a burn address.

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