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In October, several prominent projects, including Aptos, ApeCoin, Axie Infinity, and Optimism, will undergo a new round of token unlocks. We have calculated the potential price impact of these token unlocks.

In October, there are four projects with token unlock amounts exceeding $10 million: Apecoin, Aptos, Optimism, and Axie Infinity. Among these, Axie Infinity has the largest token unlock amount among all projects in October.

  • Axie Infinity will unlock approximately 15.13 million AXS tokens, valued at $67.91 million, on October 20th at 9:10 pm (GMT+8). The unlock accounts for approximately 11.5% of the current circulating supply of AXS.
  • Optimism will unlock approximately 24.16 million OP tokens, valued at $30.92 million, on October 30th at 12pm (GMT+8). This unlock represents approximately 2.74% of the current circulating supply of OP tokens.
  • Aptos will unlock approximately 4.45 million APT tokens, valued at $17.16 million, on October 12th at 8am (GMT+8). The unlock accounts for approximately 1.9% of the current circulating supply of APT tokens.
  • ApeCoin will unlock approximately 15.6 million APE tokens, valued at $23.99 million, on October 17th at 8am (GMT+8). This unlock represents approximately 4.23% of the current circulating supply of APE tokens.

We've calculated the potential token price changes based on the percentage of circulating supply unlocked for each unlock event, assuming the market capitalization remains unchanged. From the chart, it's evident that Axie Infinity and CyberConnect are the two projects with the largest percentage of circulating supply unlocked in October. If all unlocked tokens were to be sold, they could have a price impact of over 10%.

However, it's clear that the real situation won't mirror the calculations exactly.

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