On-Chain Real World Asset Crossed $3 Billion | Crypto Daily Digest Sep. 4

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The value of real-world assets on-chain has crossed $3.1 billion according to a new research from Galaxy Research

Among all real world assets on chain, gold and precious metal accounts for 37.3%, 1.63% equities, 0.41% carbon offsets, 22.98% money market instruments, 20.04% treasuries, 4.38% real estates, and 13.27% private credit.

Yield-bearing Real World Assets (RWAs) capture 61% of the cumulative RWA market capitalization. The recent expansion of RWAs has been driven by the increasing demand on-chain for sources of yield from the traditional financial world. In the current high-interest-rate environment, yield-bearing RWAs, such as treasuries, money markets, and private credits, have attracted investors seeking safe and stable on-chain yield.

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