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rypto Daily Digest - November 19th

TI Research
rypto Daily Digest - November 19th

Aave introduces its new lending market specially designed for institutions. The Apollo token will be launched on Wednesday 24th November. a16z invested decentralized social platform Syndicate protocol announced deployment to mainnet of v2 protocol. Genopets plans to sell 3,333 Genesis Genopets NFT on Nov 29th. Syndicate | Pods | XDEFI | FairSide | Connext | DeFine

Table of Contents
  1. DeFi
  2. NFT/GameFi
  3. Funding
  4. Others


Aave Arc

Aave introduces its new lending market specially designed for institutions. The market is based on Aave V2 aiming to satisfy the growing participant demand of institutions, even institutions from the traditional market. There will be whitelisters and whitelisted users. The whitelisters are chosen by Aave Governance who is responsible for maintaining KYC and due diligence for institution users. And only the whitelisted users can enter the market as suppliers, borrowers, and liquidators. Source

Apollo DAO Token Generation Event

The Apollo token will be launched on Wednesday 24th November. $APOLLOL is the native governance token of Apollo DAO, which is a yield optimizer on Terra. The initial token liquidity will be $2m, and the listing price will between $0.25 and $0.50. Source

Syndicate Protocol's V2 has Deployed Mainnet

a16z invested decentralized social platform Syndicate protocol announced deployment to mainnet of v2 protocol and kicking off the start of the Private Beta phase for Syndicate's first mainstream product. Source

Pods Launching Call Options On Polygon

Pods's first call options deployed is a ETH/USDC Call with strike $5500 (+20% OTM) expiring on December 3rd with a cap of 200k. Users can buy options, they can also sell options by minting options contracts or providing liquidity for minting idle options contracts. Source

XDEFI Closed Dutch Auction on Nov 18

The decentralized wallet XDEFI‘s token $XDEFI Dutch Auction has closed Nov 18.

  • Total Raised over $19M in $USDC
  • Sold over 20M $XDEFI tokens
  • Over 10K participant Source


Genopets Genesis NFT

Genopets, the Move-to-Earn game on Solana, plans to sell 3,333 Genesis Genopets NFT on Nov 29th. In the actual game, the virtual pet NFTs are free to mint. But the Genesis Genopets are also collectibles, all Genesis Genopets will bear distinct genesis marks, solidifying the first edition status forever. In September, Genopets airdropped 1,000 Genesis eggs to early supporters in Discord. Those who have Genesis eggs will be able to mint a Genesis Genopet NFT for free on that day. The remaining 2,333 Genesis Genopets will be priced in $GENE, the native token of Genopets. Source

Connext Announced to Work together with Gelato Network

Connext, a cross-chain protocol, will use Gelato’s Multichain Relay API to automate Cross-Chain ERC20 Transfers. Getato will relay transactions across multiple chains using its API ensuring that transactions get executed in a more decentralized fashion. Source

Dragon KART Announced its INO on November 20th

Dragon Kart is a 3D racing e-sport game built on the Blockchain platform which will be the 4th game to launch with NFTb’s INO Launchpad. On the 20 November, 2021 at 12pm UTC, a series of 300 NFT boxes, which includes NFT characters, racing cars, and weapons, will be made available for NFTb’s Tiered Model stakers to purchase. Source


FairSide Closed $4.2 Million Funding Round with Alameda Research and Others

FairSide, a risk-diversified DeFi insurance protocol, has closed a $4.2 million round of funding with participation from Alameda Research, Dominance Ventures, Jump Capital, and others. The funds raised will be used to further develop its DeFi insurance protocol. FairSide is committed to providing cryptocurrency holders with a better alternative to the DeFi insurance protocol. Cryptocurrency holders will no longer need to manage multiple policies, pay large premiums or wait for pools to be created to obtain coverage. Source

DeFine Announced a Strategic Investment from Polygon

Social NFT platform DeFine announced a strategic investment from Polygon. The funds will be used for developer network growth and the expansion of social NFT features on Polygon. Prior to Polygon, DeFine already supported Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron Network and will continue to expand with other multi-chain NFT development. Source


Acala Won the First Parachain Auction on Polkadot

With over 32M DOT contributed by over 81,000 community members, Acala has won the first parachain auction on Polkadot. Acala is a layer-1 smart contract platform that’s scalable, Ethereum-compatible. Source

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