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Last week,, a new social crypto-based social application went live and become popular on Crypto Twitter

Last week,, a decentralized platform that calls itself “the marketplace for your friends” opened its invite-only beta test. The app essentially allows users to tokenize their social network and is built on Base, Coinbase’s new layer 2 network.

The platform lets users buy shares of connected Twitter accounts to join private chatrooms with said user. This essentially allows anyone on the app to bet on the social worth of other users on the platform, through the purchase of shares of the other user. It can be thought of as social tokens of their respective users. Prices of user shares fluctuate based on demand and supply.

Crypto Twitter personalities such as Cobie and Hsaka are already on the platform and their shares have seen interest from users, trading at values of 2.4 and 1.3 ETH respectively.

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