Telegram Trading Bot Volume Surges | Crypto Daily Digest July. 25

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Telegram Trading bot experienced massive growth in a short period

Telegram bots for decentralized applications are automated programs that allow users to implement on-chain trading or farming strategies through tthe messaging app by linking wallets to the bots, or creating new Ethereum wallets within them.

The sector has experienced massive growth in a short period, as projects such as Unibot and Ready Swap flood the markets.

Telegram bots with built-in wallets makes degen trades / airdrop farming easier, especially for smart phone. However, using these bots involves a degree of risk. Users have to transfer tokens to a third-party wallet or share their private keys to link existing wallets.

Several Telegram trading bot worth to know. The first one is Unibot, it enables trade tokens, place limit orders, copy trade whales inside the messager app. Another one is Lootbot, which is an airdrop farming bot that can automate airdrop farming strategy. The bot can generate wallets for users and make as much on-chain interaction as possible, such as bridge, swap, NFT mint etc.

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