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A series of good news for Optimism in recent weeks, but this Optimistic Rollup still missing its vital part, the fraud proof mechanism

During recent weeks, transactions on Optimism rose significantly, its average daily TPS surpassed Arbitrum for the first time in 6 months. This is partially due to the launch of Worldcoin in Optimism as well as the successful Bedrock upgrade that went live a few weeks ago.

Bedrock upgrade brought a massive reduction in the transaction fees on the network.

On July 25th, Optimism introduced the Law of Chains. This is a proposal to launch a shared governance model and sequencer for all OP chains. All OP chains will have a shred sequencer and this means Optimism could possibly generate revenue by collecting transaction fees from all of the OP chains.

Optimism at its current stage is an unfinished Optimistic rollup, one of the most important part is missing, the fraud proof. The next milestone for Optimism is to build its fraud proof mechanism.

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