True Decentralization of Ethereum Needs Another 10 Years | Crypto Daily Digest Sep. 5

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Vitalik Buterin acknowledges that node centralization poses a significant challenge for Ethereum, and it may take up to two decades to find the ideal solution.

According to data from Ethernodes, there are currently 5,901 active Ethereum nodes, with the majority of them being operated through cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services. This concentration of nodes within cloud providers creates a central point of vulnerability for the Ethereum network.

Running an Ethereum node is currently a challenging endeavor. It requires significant capital (a minimum of 32 ETH) and demands relatively high-end hardware. Additionally, setting up an Ethereum node necessitates a certain level of technical expertise.

The Ethereum Foundation acknowledges that achieving true decentralization will only be possible when node operators can efficiently run Ethereum nodes on affordable and modest hardware. The ultimate goal is to enable fully verified Ethereum nodes to operate on mobile phones. However, Vitalik Buterin has candidly admitted that addressing these concerns in the near term is unlikely. Achieving genuine decentralization may take a decade or even two.

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