What Happened on April. 13th | Shapella Goes Live with No Sell Event

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The Shanghai + Capella upgrade was successfully delivered! What is the $ETH withdrawal amount in the first day post Shapella?

After the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, 125,160 $ETH($250M) has been withdrawn, 67,180 $ETH has been newly deposited at the same time, resulting in a net withdrawn amount of 57,970 ($112M).

There are two kinds of withdrawal:

Partial withdrawals: Balances in excess of 32 Eth (earned rewards) are withdrawn to an Ethereum address and can be spent immediately. The validator will continue to be a part of the beacon chain and validate as expected.

Full withdrawals: the validator will exit and stop being a part of the beacon chain. The entire balance (32 ETH principle and any rewards) of the validator is then unlocked and allowed to be spent after the exit and withdrawal mechanism is complete.

Partial withdrawals, i.e. The withdrawal of rewards are processed much faster than full withdrawals.

Biggest Gainers & Losers

Source:TokenInsight Gainers and losers


FTX Recovered $73B Assets, Could Reopen Exchange, Says Lawyer: Andy Dietderich, FTX's lead bankruptcy attorney, said the team who took over FTX after SBF stepped down started to build balance sheets from scratch and tracked down assets for customer recovery. So far, the company has recovered $7.3 billion in mostly liquid, distributable assets.

Bloomberg: FTX Lawyers Exploring Various Issues on Rebooting the Exchange: Crypto exchange FTX's lawyers have reportedly been exploring tax issues, cybersecurity implications, and testing user experience related to a potential restart of the bankrupt platform.

Hot projects on the market

PlatOn Releases Tokenized Open Payment Operating System (TOPOS)

Aave Confirms That Flashloan Attack Doesn't Impact V1, V2 or V3

Layer1 Blockchain Aleo to Announce New Incentive Program on April 17th, with Testnet Temporarily Offline

Harbour, a new Banking App, aims to Integrate Crypto and Fiat Banking Account

Vela Exchange Ends Beta Early Due to VLP Price Issue

New Privacy Blockchain Namada Proposes Direct Airdrop to Zcash Holders

Uniswap Mobile Wallet Now Available

Other news in case you missed it:

Twitter Partners with eToro to let users trade Stocks and Crypto

Twitter may be added as a Defendant in Dogecoin Lawsuit due to the Change of Logo

Binance to Support Staked $ETH Withdrawals on April 19th

Digital Payment Company dtcpay to expand to Hong Kong and Integrate with WeChat Pay


EOS Network Secures $60 Million in Investment from DWF Labs




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