What Happened on April. 14th | Vitalik: Ethereum Will Focus On Scalability Post-Shapella

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After“Shapella” upgrades, Ethereum’s developers will now prioritize delivering significant improvements to scalability. The Next big thing: EIP-4844, also known as proto-danksharding

Buterin confirmed that Ethereum’s next hard fork, rumored to take place sometime around the start of 2024, will include EIP-4844, also known as proto-danksharding.

Researchers say EIP-4844 will dramatically improve the scalability of Layer 2 rollups by replacing “calldata” with data “blobs,” which are less blockspace-intensive for the network to process. Buterin described minimizing transaction data as “the primary bottleneck” for scaling rollups.

Buterin said proto-danksharding could deliver a 10x improvement in scalability, adding that development towards EIP-4844 “is moving forward quickly.” He added that the upgrade paves the way for full sharding.

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Hong Kong Web3Hub Fund officially Launched Today: Hong Kong Deputy Secretary for Justice Horace Cheung gave a speech announcing the launch of the Hong Kong Web3Hub Fund. The fund has a scale of 10 million US dollars and will encourage more companies to settle in Hong Kong.

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