What Happened on April. 19th | Ape now? Or FOMO Later. Several Indicators about the Current Market

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Since the March FUD on $USDC, crypto market has been up only. The age old question is should I sell the hype, or is this just the beginning of the next bull cycle. While nobody can answer this question, there are some charts and indicators summarized by Bankless may give you some idea about the current market.

Open interest represents the number of outstanding futures contracts held by traders that have not been offset or closed. Generally, higher levels of open interest correlate with risk-on market sentiment and high liquidity.

Aggregate open interest on BTC futures surpassed the pre-FTX. Seeing open interest rebuild and liquidity improve is a sign of improving market conditions.

Active total daily addresses across major smart contract blockchains has held steady at 2 million – a feat not seen since the end of the bull market in January 2022 – and has increased by 77% since bottoming in late August.

Smart money crypto participants have been increasing their net crypto exposure since the depths of the FTX crisis and have shown no signs of slowing down. On-chain smart money stable exposure has reached its lowest point since the collapse of Terra-Luna in early May 2022, with these high-profit actors holding an average of 15% of their portfolios in stablecoins. Smart money still has a considerable amount of firepower remaining before reaching bull market lows of sub 5% allocations.

Biggest Gainers & Losers

Source:TokenInsight Gainers and losers


Hong Kong Court Declares Crypto Assets Are Property and Can Be Held on Trust: The confirmation that holdings of cryptocurrencies constitute "property" that is on a par with other intangible assets such as stocks and shares, brings Hong Kong into line with other common law jurisdictions whose courts have already decided the issue.

Hot projects on the market

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Sui Network Delays Token Sale and Warns Users of Phishing Emails

Distributed Stablecoin $HOPE Chooses Coinbase Custody as Digital Asset Custodian

Lido Proposes to use $ARB token as Liquidity Mining Rewards for wstETH Pool on Arbitrum

Merit Circle DAO to Launch Beam, a Game-Focused Avalanche Subnet

Fetch.ai to Offer AI Trading Tools for Decentralized Exchanges

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