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Choosing the appropriate tokens is critical to investment success. However, determining how much of each item to invest in is even more critical. In crypto, one must consider how much money to put into $BTC and $ETH for long-term holding, and how much money to put into chasing the hype and betting on 10x or 100x tokens. A useful essay from Duo Nine discusses crypto asset allocation.
  • Portfolio is under $100,000:

Your focus is wealth generation. This means high-risk plays, particularly if you have $10k or less. If you get lucky, don’t get cocky. PROTECT those gains.

Wealth generation portfolio (under $100,000)

50% - Alts (high risk, wealth generation)

30% - ETH (medium risk, wealth generation)

20% - BTC (low risk, wealth preservation)

Half of your portfolio is aimed to 10x your investment or more. The second half is there to get good growth, but also protect your wealth. Be smart and when you 10x on an altcoin, sell it into BTC or Gold. Nothing else. Don’t overtrade or get greedy. Hold those profits a minimum of one year, don’t lose them gambling a FOMO market. You buy in the next bear market.

  • Portfolio is over $100,000:

Your main focus is to PROTECT your capital and wealth. That is paramount. Anything less is being irresponsible.

50% - BTC (low risk, wealth preservation)

20% - ETH (medium risk, wealth generation)

20% - Altcoins (high risk, wealth generation)

10% - Gold/Cash (no risk, wealth preservation)

Your aim here is to 2x to 5x your money within 1-2 years. In this set-up, 60% is in low risk assets (low risk by crypto standards). Bitcoin is at 50% and up to a 5x is realistic in the coming bull market. Ethereum should outperform BTC and so should quality altcoins. Your real risk is 20% in altcoins, but one good pick (10x return) can offset much of the downside risk.

The gold/cash position is there to give you a buffer in times of need or serve as liquidity in case of new crypto narratives.

(From Duo Nine

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