What Happened on April. 24th | The $PEPE Trading Frenzy

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$PEPE, which labels itself as “the most memorable memecoin in existence”, has attracted lots of attention recently despite launching just one week ago. Some have made unbelievable returns and the trading frenzy also pushed up Ethereum gas fee.

On April 14th, just 114 wallets held $PEPE, today over 42K wallets held it. Some of the early $PEPE token holders executed a number of memorable trades.

Someone Gets over 4,500x Return in Four Days on the meme token $PEPE

MEV searchers have attempted to profit on the trading frenzy. One MEV bot, labeled as jaredfromsubway.eth has completed thousands of MEV trades and consumed ~6% of Ethereum’s total gas in the past week. (What Caused the Mainnet Gas Soaring?)

There are also plenty of $ PEPE-related scams. According to research found by scamsniffer, there are 465 victims that has been stolen over $1.3 million due to $PEPE related scams.

Biggest Gainers & Losers

Source:TokenInsight Gainers and losers

Hot projects on the market

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