What Happened on April. 7th | Interesting Projects on zkSync Era

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zkSync Era is still very early, only a few protocols have launched on it. One KOL, the Defi Investors, lists some interesting Defi projects that are worth checking.

Mute.io ($12.5M TVL)

• a DeFi protocol with an AMM, a farming platform, and a Bond platform

• the second largest DEX on zkSync by TVL

• it has 3 types of pools: Stable Pools, Normal Pools, and Dynamic Pools (the last ones having dynamic swap fees)

Onchain Trade ($1M TVL)

• a DeFi protocol that supports single token liquidity pools

• it has a stablecoin called OSD that is backed by all the assets in the protocol pools

• leverage trading will also be enabled in the near future

Nexon Finance ($1.2M TVL)

• the first and biggest native lending protocol on zkSync Era

• in Nexon V2, the liquidity will be matched peer-to-peer, resulting in better APYs for lenders and borrowers, and anyone will be allowed to create new markets

Biggest Gainers & Losers

Source:TokenInsight Gainers and losers


Mt.Gox Repayment Window Opens, But Repayments Expected to Take Time: The repayment window for Mt Gox creditors has officially opened, allowing them to receive repayments until October 31, 2023. However, the trustee overseeing the repayments has cautioned that the process will take some time to complete.

Hot projects on the market

Trader Joe Launches Liquidity Book V2.1, Users Need to Migrate Liquidity

Mina Unveils Multi-Year Roadmap to Unlock the Decentralized Web with Zero Knowledge

Camelot Introduces V2 Upgrade with Concentrated Liquidity AMM and UI Overhaul

Redacted Introduces Dinero Protocol for a Stablecoin Backed by Ethereum Blockspace

Restaking Protocol EigenLayer Launches Stage 1 Testnet for Stakers

LooksRare Launches V2 of NFT Marketplace with Slashed Fees and Improved Features

Other news in case you missed it:

Staked $ETH Withdrawals through Lido Need to Wait Until Early May


Web3 Co-Ownership Platform Lore Closes $4 Million in Strategic Round Led by Multicoin Capital

Layer 2


Zero Knowledge Proofs


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