What Happened on Feb. 28th | Preparing for Optimism Milestone

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February is the month for Arbitrum projects. As we are closing the month, the market narratives seem to change with renewed interest in Optimism sparked by the Base Chain announcement. Top Optimism projects such as Veledrome saws increased volume and token price.

The next biggest milestone for Optimism is the Bedrock upgrade, which is expected to significantly improve the performance and stability of the network.

The Bedrock upgrade includes several improvements, including Optimized Rollup Data Availability and several security enhancements, including improved fraud proofs.

On February 3rd, the Optimism Goerli Testnet successfully implemented the Bedrock Upgrade. The upgrade proposal for the mainnet is scheduled for April 5. A few months ago, Arbitrum completed a similar upgrade called Nitro that led to a huge increase in daily transactions. The Bedrock Upgrade could result in a similar activity growth for Optimism.

It takes half a month to a month for a narrative to materalize, so it's time to prepare.

Biggest Gainers & Losers

Source:TokenInsight Gainers and losers


Velodrome DEX on Optimism sees Surged Trading Volume, Fee Income as well as Token Price: This move in all-time weekly fees and trading volume on the DEX follows Coinbase's announcement last week launching Base, another layer two network built using Optimism tech, which has sparked interest in Optimism's ecosystem.

Shanghai Upgrade Goes Live on Sepolia Testnet: Sepolia is the second testnet after Zhejiang to complete the Shanghai upgrade. Before the upgrade is activated on the mainnet, it will go through the third and final test on the Goerli testnet.

Hot projects on the market

Optimism-based NFT Marketplace Quix to Resume Operations

Yuga Labs to Release Bitcoin NFT Collection on Ordinals Protocol

Metaverse Project Gamium Announces Partnership With Meta, Tokens up Over 400%

Hedera to Unlock 6.28% of Total Supply on March 1st

Google Cloud Establishes Partnership with Casper Labs

Other news in case you missed it:

Coinbase to Suspend Trading of $BUSD from March 13

Binance Will List Liquity ($LQTY) in the Innovation Zone

Avalanche Node Now Live on Tencent Cloud, Ava Labs and Tencent Cloud Collaborate to Advance Web3 Adoption in APAC

Visa and Mastercard Pause New Crypto Partnerships, Reuters Reports

"Wallet A", Which Caused $UST Depeg, May Belong to Jane Street


Liquid Staking Protocol ether.fi Raises $5.3M Co-led by North Island Ventures and Others

Fixed-rate Lending Protocol Term Finance Raises $2.5M with Coinbase Ventures Involved

Decentralized Telecommunication Service Provider REALLY Raises $18M Led by Polychain


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