What Happened on June. 14th | New Features of Uniswap v4

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The two most important new features for Uniswap v4 are Hooks and Singelton. They will bring permissionless customisability to the protocol, and gas optimization on both swap& pool deployment.

The most important change with v4 is the introduction of Hooks. Hooks are plugins that enable the creation of customizable pools. They can be used to add new functionality to Uniswap like: dynamic fees, limit orders, and TWAP orders. This will make Uniswap becoming a composable protocol, allowing developers to create hooks and more easily build on Uniswap.

More specifically, Hooks are externally deployed smart contracts that allow developers to customise concentrated liquidity pools. With hooks, building innovation is not limited to Uniswap dev team, but any devs can create new functionality based on their own perference.

Another big addition to v4 is the Singelton, which is a single contract that contains all of the pools deployed on v4. Trades will be routed through the Singleton which could dramatically lower gas costs for swaps and pool deployment.

For governance, v4 will be governed by the Uniswap DAO just like v3, and a protocol-fee switch will be included which can be activated by $UNI holders on a per-pool basis.

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