What Happened on June. 19th | Taproot Brings the Bitcoin Magic

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Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens, the two new Bitcoin narratives that have driven network usage have close relationship with a Bitcoin upgrade two years ago, the Taproot upgrade in 2021.

Taproot consists of three independent Bitcoin Improvement Proposal.

BIP340 - Schnorr Signatures: this is an improvement on the Bitcoin signature algorithm, it allows for more efficient multi-signature transactions and smart contracts. Here the smart contracts refer to conditional transaction execution rather than full programming capability like EVM.

BIP341 - Taproot: Taproot brings Merklized Alternative Script Trees (MAST) to Bitcoin. This extends the scalability that SegWit provided, making it able to compress much more information into the witness portion of a block.

BIP342 - Tapscript: This is a scripting language used to extend Bitcoin's existing Script language.

Combining Ordinals and above features from Taproot upgrade, arbitrary data can be "inscribed" onto each sat.

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