What Happened on Mar. 29th | ConsenSys zkEVM - Linea, Try it for Potential Airdrop

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Another zkEVM! ConsenSys launched its public testnet for Linea, the 3rd zkEVM Ethereum Layer 2 within a week, after zkSync Era and Polygon zkEVM. Try it out for a potential airdrop.

At the beginning of the year, ConsenSys announced the launch of a closed beta test, which could only be accessed by filling out a form. Yesterday, they announced the launch of a public testnet. While they didn't announce information for any token, a new Layer 2 normally needs a token to decentralize its governance.

You can now add this testnet in Metamask: Network information

Visit this website to get Goerli test $ETH, and bridge tokens from Goerli L1 to Linea L2. You can also find link of testnet Uniswap in the website, swap some tokens and add liquidity. Play with it.

Biggest Gainers & Losers

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Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade set to Happen on April 12: Ethereum core developers confirmed that Shapella will take effect at epoch 194,048, scheduled for 10:27 pm UTC on April 12.

Lido to Issue NFTs to Unstaking Users to Represent Withdrawal Requests: After Lido V2 goes live, users who unstake $stETH will receive NFTs representing their withdrawal requests.

Hot projects on the market

Otherside Introduces Legends of the Mara, a New Collection-Based Strategy Game

Iron Fish Announces Tokenomics, 945,000 $IRON to Be Airdropped to Testnet Participants

Lido on Polkadot and Kusama to Sunset on August 1st

Other news in case you missed it:

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Do Kwon Faces Extradition Requests from both U.S. and South Korea

Sei Established Sei Foundation to Handle Token Grants, Airdrops, etc


Restaking Protocol EigenLayer Closes $50 Million Series A Funding Round Led by Blockchain Capital

AI-focused Crypto Protocol Fetch.ai Raises $40 Million from DWF Labs

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Layer 2



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