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The Utah legislature narrowly passed H.B. 357 - the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Amendment - after intense debate, marking the beginning of DAOs gaining independent legal status as a form of organization in the United States.

It is very common for DAOs to have legal entities, and more and more DAOs are taking this step, for example some DAOs are registered as LLCs in Delaware, U.S. In addition to LLCs, DAOs that are not involved in investment business more often choose to represent themselves as foundations, LCAs, UNAs, special purpose trusts, cooperatives, etc. in order to conduct business and achieve legal protection for DAO members. The DAO Act passed in Wyoming in 2021 will also bring DAOs under the LLC system.

Therefore, no matter which of the above forms is adopted, it is essentially a layer of existing legal entities wrapped outside of the DAO. That is, in the past there was no such thing as a DAO at the legal level, it was an LLC, a company, a cooperative, a foundation, a trust, but chose to operate as a DAO form of organization.

The passage of the legislation means that DAOs no longer need to be packaged as entities, and that DAOs themselves have become a unique form of organization recognized by Utah law.

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