What Happened on May. 11th | Upcoming Projects on Cosmos

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We've got Layer 2 narratives, zkEVM competitions, meme coin seasons, and Bitcoin Ordinals so far this year. What will the next big narratives be? Cosmos could be one of the options; the founder of Delphi Labs recently outlined the upcoming exciting Cosmos project.

1) Native $USDC: Native USDC will finally come to Cosmos via @noble_xyz. Stablecoins are crypto's killer app and fuel the majority of all on-chain activity. Native $USDC will be issued on Noble chain and flow around the Cosmos using IBC.

2) dYdX v4 launch on Cosmos as a app-chain. As one of the most successful DEX, dYdX will bring a lot of new users and liquidity to the Cosmos, and could act as an example for others who may want to build out customized app-chain in Cosmos.

3) Neutron Launch: Neutron is the first generalized, permissionless, cosmwasm smart contract chain secured by the Cosmos Hub. (i.e. $ATOM). The project is built by @P2Pvalidator team, who are founders and core contributors to Lido Finance.

4) Sei Launch: Sei is also a permissionless smart contract chain, but unlike Neutron, it will have its own validators instead of using $ATOM as security. Sei aims to be the fastest Layer 1 , competing with likes of Aptos and Sui.

5) Metamask snaps: Cosmos users now need to use Cosmos specific wallets. Some Cosmos contributors are now working on a function called Metamask snaps which will allow users to sign Cosmos transactions with their Metamask wallets. This will dramatically lower the entry barrier for Cosmos new users.

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