Newly Listed Tokens Overview by TokenInsight [2023 Week1]


In this article, we present the price change, 24-hour trading volume, and community information of newly listed tokens in the past week. We also analyze several hot projects in the market, aiming to give our users a brief understanding of the cryptocurrency market and help them discover projects they are interested in.

What Tokens Did We List This Week?

As a Crypto data and research organization, an important part of our team's job is to track projects on the market and give our users as much and as fast information about the market as possible.

Please note that we only provide market information for the projects mentioned in the article. We do not endorse or give investment advice on any of the projects. New projects often carry a high level of risk. Please exercise caution before taking any action and DYOR.

A total of 52 new tokens have been listed on our website over the past week. In the figure below, we show the tokens with a trading volume of more than $80,000 in the past 24 hours and show the overall price changes from the first price after its listing to today‘s price, as well as the corresponding community information.

Among the new tokens listed in the past seven days, the top three tokens in terms of 24h trading volume are Pi Network, Genius, and hiFLUF.

  • Pi Network allows mobile users to mine $Pi tokens without draining the device’s battery.
  • Genius is a hyper-yield, A.I. driven blockchain Certificate of Deposit that intends to appreciate.
  • hiFLUF is a fractionalized token of 40 FLUF's NFT by Fracton protocol.

In the past week, most of the projects were launched on BNB and Ethereum, with DeFi, NFT, and Meme as the main fields. Affected by Christmas recently, many Christmas-related NFT and Meme projects have been launched, and these have also received a high level of attention overall, which can be easily seen through community information.

What Tokens Are Worth Paying Attention to?

Pi Network ($PI), Tags: Mining, Web3

Pi Network is a novel cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining the device’s battery. Pi’s blockchain secures not only economic transactions via a mobile meritocracy system but also a full Web 3.0 experience.

Pi Network was launched earlier than other projects (Dec 2021), but it did not launch its token at the beginning. The reason why it suddenly attracted everyone’s attention is that the Huobi Exchange announced the launch of the $PI trading pair on December 29th, which was initially priced at around $40. But then Pi News tweeted that it has not yet launched the main network, and that the launch of $PI on Huobi Exchange was not authorized by the core team. Even so, trading sentiment increased rather than decreased, causing the price of $PI to soar all the way to $300. As of January 3rd, the price of $PI remained at $100.

Bonk ($BONK), Tags: Solana, Meme

Bonk is a Meme project launched on Solana. Its design is similar to that of Dogecoin ($DOGE), and it's one of the dog coins in the Solana ecosystem. Bonk was originally designed to be a fun meme coin where everyone gets a fair shot. After the project was listed on the Huobi Exchange on January 3rd, the trading volume increased significantly. Many investors hold $BONK mainly to obtain airdrops from the project.

hiFLUF ($HIFLUF), Tags: Ethereum, NFT, Fraction Protocol

hiFLUF is a fractionalized token of 40 FLUF's NFT by Fracton protocol, which is an NFT-based liquidity infrastructure, aiming to provide a unified solution for NFT liquidity. The Fracton protocol generally focuses on NFT projects with good market popularity, and its fragmented tokens have normally been trading at high volume.

FLUF is an NFT launched by FLUF World. FLUF World is a metaverse ecosystem of NFT character collectibles and a global, creative community. The project has launched various NFT collections including FLUFs, PARTY BEARS, THINGIES, and SEEKERS. You can check out your favorite NFT products on FLUF World official website.

The NFT market has been hot recently, so it might be a good choice to pay more attention to it. Maybe the project you are looking at is the next star tomorrow!

More Newly Listed Tokens

  • TemDAO ($TEM): An Ethereum-based crowdfunding DAO platform for protecting and maintaining world heritage and cultural assets.
  • ACRIA ($ACRIA): A cross-chain data network on Ethereum that powers the growing DeFi market with off-chain data.
  • Vaulteum ($VAULT): A crowdfunding platform on BNB chain. Vaulteum is a Defi and SocialFi protocol for efficient and profitable asset management in the short term.
  • Level Governance ($LGO): Level Finance is a decentralized perpetual exchange on the BNB Chain focused on delivering highly effective risk management and innovative liquidity solutions.
  • Syrup Finance ($SRX): Syrup is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that allows users to open long and short positions with up to 100x leverage without registering or relinquishing custody of their assets.

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