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In the past week (2023.1.12-1.18), a total of 77 new projects were listed on TokenInsight. Among these tokens, Hifi Finance ranked first in trading volume after its launch on the centralized exchange, with over $10 million in 24-hour trading volume; tomiNet has attracted the attention of many people with its unique design, and the community is very popular; The Rug Game is a meme community game developed by Cult.DAO and it received a lot of attention from the community as well, causing the prices of $TRG and $CULT to increase to varying degrees.

What Tokens Did We List This Week?

As a Crypto data and research organization, our team will track the projects on the market and regularly count and present new projects and market hotspots, giving our users as much and as quick information about the market as possible.

A total of 77 new tokens have been listed on our website over the past week. In the figure below, we show the tokens with a trading volume of more than $300,000 in the past 24 hours and show the overall price changes from its initial launch price to today‘s price, as well as the corresponding community information.

Among the new tokens listed in the past seven days, the top three tokens in terms of 24h trading volume are Hifi Finance, tomiNet, and AgriNode.

  • Hifi Finance is a fixed-rate, fixed-term lending protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • tomi is a Web3-based platform focused on providing decentralized services with assisted computing hardware.
  • Agrinode is an Agricultural platform on Ethereum which provides solutions to problems in agriculture.

In the past week, most of the projects were launched on Ethereum and BNB Chain, with Game, DeFi, and NFT as the main fields. Compared to the previous week, more game-related tokens were listed this week, while Meme was less hot.

What Tokens Are Worth Paying Attention to?

Hifi Finance ($HIFI), Tags: Ethereum, DeFi, Lending

Hifi Finance (formerly Mainframe) is a decentralized finance protocol that brings fixed-rate, fixed-term lending to Ethereum-based blockchains. $HIFI is an ERC-20 native utility token that empowers community governance of the Hifi Finance Protocol.

Hifi, formerly known as Mainframe, rebranded to Hifi Finance in early 2021 and completed the token swap last year. Hifi Finance provides users with a way to borrow assets against their cryptos – such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens. Just like decentralized exchanges and dApps work on-chain, Hifi works like traditional finance creating bond-like structures for future settlement on-chain.

The Rug Game ($TRG), Tags: Ethereum, Meme

The Rug Game is a meme community game on Ethereum, and $TRG is the core governance ERC-20 token of it. The Rug Game is based on the Cult.DAO ecosystem. It received a lot of attention from the community and drove up the price of $CULT for a while.

On top of $TRG, there are 10 game tokens that spell out - The Rug Game: $T, $H, $E, $R, $U, $G, $G*, $A, $M, and $E, thus designing a novel gaming mechanism: the transaction fee for game tokens is 4%, of which 1% is used to buy back and burn $CULT and $TRG, 1% is sent to the burn wallet, and 1% is saved to the contract in the form of ETH. The higher the number of tokens burned, the higher the score. Between every 30-60 days, the token with the lowest amount of burnouts in Game Token, $CULT and $TRG in each round will be eliminated, and the Game Token with the highest score will receive 1% ETH bonus collected from the other nine communities. Holders of $TRG can stake their tokens. At the time of the rug, the remaining ETH left from the LP will auto buyback TRG and send it to the TRG DAO & stakers.

Game Token Score Table (10:45 UTC+8 on January 18), Source: The Rug Game LeaderBoard

Currently, there are two main ways to increase the scores: increasing the trading volume of that Token and bribes. Bribe means players can pay their $CULT or $TRG tokens to the DAO. 50% of the tokens paid will be paid to the stakers of $CULT and $TRG, and the remaining 50% will be burned. For example, if token A has a score of 90 and token B has a score of 100, and someone chooses to bribe 20 $TRG and chooses to add the score to A, then since 50% of the $TRG (10) will be burned, token A will receive a total of 30 points, bringing the score of token A to 120, while the score of token B is still 100. Thus, the player has an additional incentive to Bribe: points can be earned at 150% of the number of tokens paid.

$TRG has been listed on several centralized exchanges such as MEXC Global, and Poloniex this week, with a 24h trading volume of $2 million. You can check the rest of the Game Tokens on TokenInsight with a "The Rug Game" tag.

tomiNet ($TOMI), Tags: Ethereum, Web3, Infrastructure

$TOMI is an Ethereum-based utility token of tomi, which is a Web3-based platform focused on providing decentralized services with assisted computing hardware. tomi's MP1 is a Web3 interconnected machine that can perform a variety of services not limited to mining of cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications, 3D printing/rendering, AI, ray tracing, and more.

Currently, $TOMI is listed on both and MEXC Global exchanges with a 24h trading volume of over $4 million.

More Newly Listed Tokens

  • hiMFERS ($HIMFERS) is a fractionalized token of 69 Mfers' NFT by Fracton protocol.
  • Abel Finance ($ABEL) is a cross-chain lending protocol deployed on APTOS Mainnet.
  • Ether Tech ($ETHER) is an ERC-20 token paying passive Ethereum rewards to all token holders from the trading volume.
  • PulseBitcoin ($PLSB) is designed to be a better bitcoin on Ethereum with faster and cheaper transactions, mining is open to everyone, no special computer hardware and some other features.
  • Defi Tiger ($DTG) is a meme token on BNB chain.
  • Galaxy Villains ($GVC) is an Ethereum-based utility token with a focus on diversity across many areas of the decentralized space - from GameFi, NFTs, to the Metaverse.
  • TradeWix ($WIX) is a BNB chain based crypto security Dapp.
  • Nexacoin ($NEXA) is the native token of Nexa which is a proof-of-work, UTXO Layer-1 Blockchain.
  • Age protocol ($AGE) is a BNB chain based learn to earn game protocol that provides tailored Learn and Earn products and onboarding infrastructures for users and businesses to enter the new world of Web3.

Please note that we only provide market information for the projects mentioned in the article. We do not endorse or give investment advice on any of the projects. New projects often carry a high level of risk. Please exercise caution before taking any action and DYOR.

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