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An uneventful week has passed. Compared with the past few weeks, the new token market seems to have quieted down, and there are no eye-catching projects. However, the following points are still worth noting: the popularity of DeFi remains stable, and there are multiple new lending protocols and decentralized exchanges deployed on such ecosystems as Ethereum and Arbitrum. In addition, Meme's performance is stronger, its popularity has surpassed that of AI, and its market performance is also relatively good. For example, $ODOGE, whose highest price is about 46 times the price at the beginning of the launch, is worthy of attention. The concepts of Btc-fi and eBTC have gradually attracted the public's attention, and may become the focus of the future development of the DeFi community.

What Tokens Did We List This Week?

As a Crypto data and research organization, our team will track the projects on the market and regularly count and present new projects and market hotspots, giving our users as much and as quick information about the market as possible.

A total of 97 new tokens have been listed on our website over the past week. In the figure below, we show the tokens with a trading volume of more than $900k in the past 24 hours and show the overall price changes from its initial launch price to today‘s price, as well as the corresponding community information.

Among the new tokens listed in the past seven days, the top three tokens in terms of 24-hour trading volume are Haloworld, Ordinal Doge, and Echelon Prime.

  • Haloworld ($HALO) is a data network for interactive NFT, which provides visual DID Protocol in metaverse.
  • Ordinal Doge ($ODOGE) is a meme token on Ethereum.
  • Echelon Prime ($PRIME) is a Web3 ecosystem on Ethereum advancing the next generation of gaming.

In the past week, most of the projects were launched on Ethereum and BNB Chain, with DeFi, Memes and AI as the main fields.

DeFi's popularity remains stable, with several new lending protocols and decentralized exchanges deployed on the Ethereum, Arbitrum and Cardano ecosystems, but there are not many eye-catching projects. The performance of Meme token is still strong, and its popularity has surpassed AI to rank second. Notably, three of the top five tokens in terms of trading volume are Meme tokens, and all of them have received a lot of attention since their launch. However, the overall price performance of several Meme tokens is not good, with prices dropping in varying degrees compared to the prices when they were listed, so it is recommended to wait and see.

Recently, the concepts of Btc-fi and eBTC have been coming into the public view. eBTC is a decentralized bitcoin powered by Ethereum Staking, and its emergence will somewhat influence the development path of the DeFi community and may become the focus of future development.

What Tokens Are Worth Paying Attention to?

Haloworld ($HALO), Tags: BNB Chain, Metaverse, NFT

Haloworld is a data network for interactive NFT, a unique visual identification credential in Web3.0 and provide visual DID Protocol in metaverse. HALO Token is launched on BNB Chain, which is the utility token of Haloworld. HALO TOKEN holders have the authority to access the ecosystem and enjoy the rights of staking, commodity purchase, HALO metaverse ticket purchase, IP operation, exclusive activities, etc.


Collaborating with the decentralized 3D artist community, the HALO label realizes the interflow of value with the real world through the original economic system and brand effect. In HALO, all humans can find their new identities in Web3.0 and find themselves in the depths of their souls. In the future, users will be able to build their own metaverse visual identity through HALO Protocol and purchase HALO NFTs auctioned by the label.

$HALO was listed on Bitget's launchpad, and it is listed on KuCoin as well, with a 24-hour trading volume of over $3.2m. Besides, the community of Haloworld is quite popular, with over 70 thousand people following its official twitter.

Ordinal Doge ($ODOGE), Tags: Ethereum, Meme

Ordinal Doge is a meme token on Ethereum. By combining Ordinals and smart contracts on Ethereum, $ODOGE is a FULLY HOSTED memecoin on the Bitcoin Blockchain. The project is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, which is seen as a more energy-efficient alternative to the Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm used by Bitcoin. Some of the key features of oDoge include faster transaction times, lower transaction fees, and improved scalability compared to Bitcoin.

The price of $ODOGE has continued to rise since its launch, and the highest price was about 46 times the price at the beginning of the launch. At the time of writing, the price of $ODOGE has fallen back, and the increase has shrunk by about half, but it is still worthy of attention.

Echelon Prime ($PRIME),Tags: Ethereum, Game, Web3

Echelon Prime is a Web3 ecosystem on Ethereum, advancing the next generation of gaming. Echelon creates and distributes tools to encourage innovation in, and promote the growth of novel gaming models and economies. The first game to adopt and utilize PRIME is Parallel, a sci-fi trading card game.

Source: Twitter@ParallelTCG

The Echelon ecosystem is not intended to serve any singular project, game, or set of collectibles. Rather, Echelon is designed to provide infrastructure to support a larger gaming and collecting ecosystem that is envisioned to extend beyond any particular project. Over time, a broad, decentralized community of gamers and collectors will determine Echelon’s evolution and priorities.

More Newly Listed Tokens

  • Shibarium Pad ($SHIBP) is a launchpad for the Shibarium ecosystem.
  • AIPad ($AIPAD) is dedicated to making AI accessible and impactful for everyone.
  • NoriGO! ($GO) is a skill-based, social gaming platform on BNB Chain.
  • FON Smart Chain ($FON) is an innovative solution to bring programmability and interoperability to Beacon Chain.
  • Satoshis Vision ($SATS) is an Ethereum-based project that aims to embody the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system without the need for a trusted third party.
  • Venice Swap ($VENICE) app is a peer-to-peer system for trading ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Lotto ($LOTTO) is a lottery token launched on the Arbitrum Blockchain.
  • Web AI ($WEBAI) is an innovative project launched on BNB chain that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to create customized websites from scratch.
  • Kochi Ken ($KOCHI) is a meme token on BSC.
  • Ommniverse ($OMMI)is an NFT marketplace on Polygon that, at its core, utilizes the idea of fractional art for the exchange of NFTs.

Please note that we only provide market information for the projects mentioned in the article. We do not endorse or give investment advice on any of the projects. New projects often carry a high level of risk. Please exercise caution before taking any action and DYOR.

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