How to Import TokenInsight Cryptocurrency Data into Google Sheets?


A very simple tutorial that tells you how to import Cryptocurrencies data on TokenInsight to Google Sheets.

This article introduces how to use Google Sheets to obtain cryptocurrency data from TokenInsight. The methods described here require little to no programming knowledge, so even if you don't know how to write any code, you can easily follow the methods described in this article to retrieve cryptocurrency data from TokenInsight within Google Sheets.

Tools Required:

Step1. Login Your TokenInsight Account and Get Your Free API Key

Open the official TokenInsight website (

Click on the "Login" button located in the top right corner of the webpage.

If you don't have a TokenInsight account yet, click on the "Sign Up" button to create a new account with an email address. If you already have an account, just log in.

After logging in, navigate your mouse to the top right corner and click "API Key".

Find API Key on the top right conner

Now, you are in the personal center, and you can find your API Key here.

TokenInsight API Personal Center

In the personal center, the first part is your API Tier level. Any registered user can use the API for free, and we provide each user with 5,000 API credits per month.

The second part displays your API key with asterisks. Click on the eye icon to reveal it, and click on the small icon on the right to copy it.

Immediately below that, you will see the usage and records of your API key for the current month.

In this way, you have successfully obtained the API key for TokenInsight API.

Step 2. Open Google Sheets and Install the API Connector Add-on

To install additional plugins in Google Sheets, follow these steps:

Open Google Sheets.

Click on the "Extensions" option in the toolbar at the top of the sheet.

Select "Add-ons" from the dropdown menu.

A sidebar will appear on the right side of the sheet. Click on the "Get add-ons" option at the bottom of the sidebar.

This will take you to the Google Workspace Marketplace, where you can browse and search for various add-ons.

Search 'API Connector'.

Once you find the plugin, click on it to view more details.

Click the "Install" button to add the plugin to your Google Sheets.

Follow the prompts and grant the necessary permissions for the plugin to integrate with your Google Sheets.

Once the installation is complete, the plugin will be available for use in your Google Sheets.

Step 3. Import TokenInsight API Data to Google Sheets

Click on the API Connector you just installed.

It will appear on the right side of Google Sheets. At this point, you can create a new data request by clicking on "Create request."

After clicking on "Create request," you will see the relevant parameters that need to be filled in below, and they are already explained clearly.

Next, all you need to do is specify your requirements. Fill in the address from the TokenInsight API documentation in the first box, and enter the API Key you obtained during registration in the second box. With these details filled in, you will be able to retrieve the data.

Let's use the example of retrieving a list of cryptocurrencies from the URL mentioned in the TokenInsight API documentation: According to the documentation, the URL for getting the list of cryptocurrencies is So, let's fill this URL in the first box.

For the headers, there are two fields to fill in. In the first field, enter "TI_API_KEY" (without quotes) as a fixed value. In the second field, enter your API Key.

You can choose any location you prefer for the output. Finally, click on "Run," and you will receive the content shown in the image below.

If you find that the column names in the first row of each column are not simple enough or if you want to hide a specific row, you can make those adjustments in the "Edit fields" section located on the left side of the "Run" button.

By clicking on "Edit fields," you can modify the column names to make them more user-friendly. Additionally, you can choose to hide specific rows by adjusting the settings in this section.

Step4. To Make It Pretty!

That's great! By hiding unnecessary columns, modifying names, and rearranging the order, you can easily obtain the list of cryptocurrencies in the desired format.

Please note that, in order to display the logos, I specifically made the data start from cell B1. Except for A1 as the header, you can directly use the formula A2=IMAGE(H2) to display the logo images in column A.

OK, by now, you should have learned how to use the TokenInsight API to fetch cryptocurrency data from our official website and display it in Google Sheets.

What If There Are Parameters in the URL?

The example provided ( does not use any parameters. However, if there are parameters involved, here's how you can handle it. By reading the documentation, we can find that in the mentioned example, without any parameters, the default response includes the top 300 cryptocurrencies. But what if we want to retrieve the top 1000 cryptocurrencies?

According to the API documentation, you can find a parameter called "limit." We can add this parameter with a value of 1000. Once added, you will notice that the URL on the right side of the documentation will change accordingly.

You can replace the old URL with the new one to get 1000 cryptocurrencies instead of just 300 of them!

The example I used in this article can be visited via

In the End

TokenInsight Crypto API has many endpoints that you might need, including the global status of the crypto market, top gainers and losers, and newly listed tokens. Some specific data that can be obtained through TokenInsight Crypto API include:

  • Crypto market overview
  • Tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market
  • Newly listed tokens, top gainers, and losers
  • Information of any token, including price, trading volume, market, contract, introduction, etc.
  • Full list of exchanges
  • Trading data of any exchange, with a complete list of trading markets
  • Rating information for tokens and exchanges
  • Historical volume data for tokens and exchanges

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