2021 Q1 CCFOX Perpetual Contract Trading Data Analysis Report

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In this report, TokenInsight focuses on the trading situation of perpetual contracts in the whole market and the current representative medium-scale perpetual contract exchanges from five aspects: trading volume, transaction liquidity, funding rate, margin rate and transaction fee. The report gives comparative analysis, and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of CCFOX's performance in multiple dimensions.


Similar to traditional financial markets, there is a clear headline effect in the digital asset market. three exchanges - Binance, Huobi, and OKEx - accounted for half of the market's futures contract trading volume throughout 2020, and their leading position remains unchanged as of Q1 2021.

However, it cannot be ignored that the emergence and flourishing of a large number of mid-sized derivatives exchanges is gradually changing the market landscape. Compared to the giants, mid-size exchanges are focusing on building their comparative advantage, especially in the perpetual contracts market, either by focusing on major pairs (e.g. CCFOX), expanding their derivatives offerings (e.g. Deribit), or offering a wider choice of pairs (e.g. MXC), gradually developing their own distinctive mid-size derivatives exchanges in the market. There are also several exchanges that have grown over the years and have managed to break out of the mid-size barrier to become the "new giants" in the perpetual contracts market.

In this report, TokenInsight compares and analyzes the market-wide perpetual contracts trading situation and the current representative medium-sized perpetual contracts exchanges in five aspects: volume, trading liquidity, funding rates, margin rates, and fees, and provides a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of CCFOX's performance in multiple dimensions.

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