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Different from Ethereum and other public application chains, Polkadot is aiming to realize a blockchain internet, connecting chain's values with the ability to cross-chain. Its architecture consists of parachains, relay chain, and the bridge. The relay chain, as the core of the polkadot, is responsible for the security, consensus and the interoperability of the whole internet. Parachain, as the independent blockchains in polka's ecosystem, can connect to the polka network through the slot-auctions. Bridge could cross blockchains from outside of Polka ecosystem into the Polka system, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Unlike other public chains such as Ethereum, Polkadot is committed to cross-chain, and its architecture design has three roles: Relay Chain, Parachain, and Bridge. Among them, there is only one Relay Chain, which is the heart of Polkadot, responsible for the shared security, consensus and cross-chain interoperability of the entire Polkadot network; Parachain is an independent blockchain connected to the Relay Chain, and it needs to lease a slot to realize the connection with the Relay Chain (or through the pay-as-you-go Parathread, if only temporary connection with the Relay Chain is needed); Bridge allows the Parachains to interact with external blockchains, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin networks.

The forms of deploying projects on Polkadot include slot lease to become Parachains, registering and paying to become Parathreads or become protocols on Parachains and Parathreads. Therefore, the Polkadot ecology mainly revolves around Parachains. Each single Parachain project can build different applications, such as trading, lending, etc., to form a comprehensive ecology. At the same time, because Polkadot supports cross-chain, there are also projects being dedicated to bridging Polkadot and external blockchains.

Recently, as the Polkadot mainnet slot auction approaches, Polkadot ecology has attracted more and more attention. Generally speaking, the projects on Polkadot can be divided into several categories. Among them, DeFi projects account for the majority. They are mainly dedicated to the development of the DeFi total ecology, liquidity staking, DeFi development tools and DeFi applications; in addition, Polkadot also has infrastructure projects such as data and tools, privacy, and cross-chain. Most of these projects are in the early stage and the ecology is not yet mature, but the project materials and planning information are relatively complete.

TokenInsight has compiled the main Polkadot ecological projects according to the above categories in this report. Although it is not all, it can reflect the general ecology. For reference only.

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