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Key Note

1. Centralized Exchanges enable token trading across blockchains, and remove the barriers of interaction between chains. However, centralized exchanges also face the challenges of trust, risk of property loss, high costs and low efficiency
2. DEXs can only work on a single blockchain so far. They don’t have as many popular trading pairs compared to Centralized Exchanges, but there are diverse applications in the ecosystem
3. Newdex is the first DEX on EOS, which is launched on August 8th, 2018, Newdex not only supports the trading of various tokens on EOS
4. Newdex’s products have covered a wide range in the EOS ecosystem, and it takes a leading position in DEXs on EOS in terms of both trading volume and types of services.
5. Currently, most of trading pairs on Newdex still adopt the pattern of "matching off-chain, settlement on-chain "
6. The users don’t have to deposit and withdraw the coins when trading on Newdex, and Newdex has no access to user’s private key
7. In addition to trading services, Newdex also recently launched a pool service - Newpos and successfully listed in 21 EOS BPs.
8. The users are mainly distributed in China, the United States, and Europe with a wide geographical area according to SimilarWeb’s monitoring and analysis of Newdex.io, domain name of Newdex’s website.

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