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Berry Store is a social and e-commerce platform on Ethereum which mainly operates in the celebrities-related market. $BERRY is the utility token of the project.

Berry Store is a social/e-commerce platform where mainly provide celebrities-related exclusive items and goods, aims to establish a K-Pop ecosystem where fans could get access to celebrities with lower barriers. So far, Berry Store has already launched several services, including P2P Donation World, Celeb NFT, etc. The project is mainly deployed on Ethereum, with a side chain deployed on LUNIVERSE to lower the transaction cost.

Besides, with Berry Store’s donation/auction platform that combines blockchain technology, influencers such as KOL and YouTubers can participate or create a donation with fans, and receive rewards for it. Meanwhile, Berry Store takes a partial fee from each raffle and auction event on the platform.

$BERRY token is the utility token that is mainly used as the in-app currency on the Berry Store platform. Users can earn $BERRY through various events and activities in the Berry Store App. Meanwhile, $BERRY is applied to the Berry NFT Marketplace, SNS, and Bounty Mall in Berry Store Ver 3.0.

TokenInsight gives Berry Store a rating of CCC, with a stable outlook.



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