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Celeb Plus is a marketing platform for brands and internet celebrities established in the first quarter of 2020. It operates an advertising platform and its objective is to build a connecting platform for celebrities, advertisers, and even consumers to improve the marketing campaign efficiency. CELEB is the native token of the platform which was generated in June 2020.

Celeb Plus is a decentralized marketing platform designed for brand advertisers and internet celebrities. It provides a connecting platform where end users can get in contact and work out a deal without traditional agency intermediaries. It can help balance the compensation and costs of advertisement campaigns based on activity performance and tracked marketing data.

Celeb Plus provides 2 types of marketing campaigns: open application and selective marketing campaign. The main difference between the two options is the selection power shifts from advertisers (open application model) to influencers (selective marketing model). In the open application, advertisers make the final decisions on the celebrities to use while in the selective marketing model, the chosen influencers have a final say in whether they want to participate or not.

According to the disclosed Roadmap, Celeb Plus plans to develop its NFT service including minting its own NFT and launching its own NFT marketplace. 

CELEB is the utility token of Celeb Plus. At the moment, CELEB can be used to provide campaign bonus rewards to influencers. In the future, Celeb Plus intends to add governance voting rights. When the NFT products are established, CELEB can also be used for NFT transactions. 

TokenInsight gives Celeb Plus a rating of CCC, with a stable outlook.


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