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COJAM is a decentralized prediction platform deployed on Klaytn. $CT is the utility token of the platform.

COJAM is a blockchain-based prediction platform deployed on Klaytn, which aims to establish a platform for users to find answers to uncertainties about current problems, by interacting with each other, mainly in the format of voting. The platform provides answers and solutions based on collective intelligence, in the format of prediction games called Ground. Besides, COJAM has already launched App on Google Play and App Store.

Ground refers to a subject or a question along with its provided potential answers, which is registered on the COJAM platform. Users could create their own Ground or participate in existing Ground to earn $CT.

$CT is the utility token of the COJAM platform, which is mainly used for participating in voting and rewards. In order to participate in Ground registered in the COAJM platform, $CT must be deposited in the specific wallet of the answer predicted chosen.

TokenInsight gives COJAM a rating of CCC, with a stable outlook.



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