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ESG Financial is a Korean blockchain project enabling individuals to participate in the Voluntary Carbon Market. It offers a platform to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle and invest in carbon-reducing businesses using $ESG tokens and ESG points.

ESG Financial is a blockchain project based in Korea and operated by ECO PLANET. The project aims to lower the entry barriers for individuals and small businesses who wish to participate in the Voluntary Carbon Market. To achieve this goal, ESG Financial has developed a platform that allows people to voluntarily adopt a low-carbon lifestyle and invest in businesses that reduce carbon emissions.

ESG Financial is powered by two types of native assets, an on-chain token ($ESG) and an off-chain point (ESG point). $ESG is the native utility and governance token of ESG Financial, which is issued on Ethereum. It can be used to purchase NFTs, stake, participate in governance & specific events, etc. ESG point is a centralized asset as its issuance and consumption happen off-chain and are managed by the project. Users can gain ESG points by practicing carbon-reducing activities.

TokenInsight gives ESG Financial a rating of CCC, with a stable outlook.


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