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Fautor (formerly Fandom) is a fan business platform based on the Klaytn chain. $FDM is the utility and governance token of Fautor, which is the main payment means within the platform.

Fautor (formerly Fandom) is a fan business platform based on the Klaytn chain established in the third quarter of 2021. The project has an objective to give fans an opportunity to support the celebrities they like as well as get rewarded for their contribution to the entertainment industry. 

It currently operates a mobile app called Fantrie that provides content for a subscription fee. The project also intends to operate a crowdfunding platform (Fautor Launchpad) for content creators and fans. The launchpad is scheduled for launch in June 2022.

According to the official document of Fautor, $FDM is the utility token and the governance token of Fautor. $FDM can be used as the in-platform payment within the mobile app Fantrie, such as subscribing to paid content, purchasing NFTs, participating in crowdfunding, etc.

TokenInsight gives Fautor a rating of CCC, with a stable outlook.






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