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Got Guaranteed (GotG) is an insurance platform deployed on Ethereum for digital assets. $GOTG is the utility token of the project.

Got Guaranteed (GotG) project is deployed on Ethereum and aims to establish a platform that provides insurance services, by evaluating and preserving the value of digital assets. The GotG platform now mainly provides Digital Asset Guarantee (DAG) insurance.

With the vision to build a “W (Wallet) - M (Messenger) - M (NFT Marketplace)” ecosystem, GotG has also launched other related products/services asides from its insurance services, such as G-Wallet, Metaplay, and GxG. Style.

$GOTG is the utility token of the GotG ecosystem. The utilities of $GOTG include purchasing the insurance products and K-Products/K-Content products, use in Metaverse, etc. $GOTG is now listed on only two exchanges: BW.com and ZBG.

TokenInsight gives GotG a rating of CC, with a stable outlook.


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