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LABEL Foundation is a P2P incubating and NFT infrastructure built on Ethereum and BNB chain (formerly BSC). It aims to establish a profit-sharing ecosystem to help content creators to monetize their IP rights without the burden of intermediations. LBL is the utility and governance token of the project.

LABEL Foundation is a P2P incubating and NFT generation protocol that enables artists and content creators to monetize their works and IP rights without intermediations.

LABEL Foundation is operated by a Korean MOOC platform, OPENTRACK, both run by Clesson Co., Ltd. It can help instructors on OPENTRACK directly conduct P2P crowdfunding. In addition, the investors will have a relatively clearer revenue model due to the collaboration with traditional companies.

LBL token is a utility and governance token that is primarily oriented to drive the growth on the LABEL platform and is a critical unit to integrate all its features and to provide decision-making ability and control over the decentralized platform to the stakeholders. 

The LBL token is mainly utilized as a payment, governance, and staking unit. LBL Holders are entitled to the additional rewards, provided they engage in staking their LBLs in the DAO for the 3rd phase of the product, which also enables the holders to participate in the major governance voting processes, and also provides access to the DAO Fund to claim the accumulated transaction fees in the treasury.

TokenInsight gives LABEL Foundation a rating of B, with a positive outlook.



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