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OptionRoom protocol has three components: OaaS (oracle as a service)、liquidity mining and Forecast protocol. OptionRoom completed their IDO event on Polkastarter and Bounce Certified.On April.17 2021, OptionRoom announced the launch of its closed beta program in which forecast market beta vision is finished. OptionRoom introduces a dual token model ROOM&COURT. ROOM is the utility token in the protocol, and COURT is the governance token of the protocol which can only be obtained by providing liquidity necessary for required transaction operations and ROOM staking abilities of the protocol.

OptionRoom protocol has three components: OaaS (oracle as a service)、liquidity mining and Forecast protocol.

1. OaaS: Anyone can create an oracle request on OptionRoom and governance participants with voting rights solve these requests. OaaS can retrieve data which is needed by smart contacts for different types of verification, for example, arbitrator for insurance claiming disputes.

2. Forecast protocol: A Forecast market is a platform for trading the outcomes of future events. User can create a forecast market proposal by paying the contract deployment cost. Market will be voted on by governance before being added to the platform called market validity voting. If a market claim proposal has been created or the market expires, it comes to the market settlement voting section and users can get market settlement reward.

3. Liquidity mining: you can earn ROOM tokens (its utility token) by providing liquidity on ROOM/ETH pair on Uniswap and staking LP tokens.

OptionRoom creates user incentives by introducing protocol reward mechanics: pool creator gets a percentage of the pool reward and governance participants get reward/punishment if they vote honestly/dishonestly.

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