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Orbler is a tower defense, play-to-earn, blockchain game created in the 2nd quarter of 2021. It designed an in-game ecosystem with the objective to build a sustainable gaming economy where everyone from around the world is able to connect and enjoy. $ORBR is the native governance and utility token of the game.

Orbler is a play-to-earn real-time defense blockchain game with 2 game modes: 1v1 individual battle and co-op team effort battle. Players can attempt various strategies through the different combinations of battle elements.

Orbler modified the proof of play mechanism and introduced proof of contributed stats to decrease the inflation rate in the game. The mechanism allows for 100 in-game currency tokens to be generated per minute and these tokens are distributed to the players according to their contributed game statistics.

$ORBR is the governance token of Orbler. $ORBR can be used to monitor nodes and organize in-game functions. $ORBR can also be used in-game to level up and make purchases.

TokenInsight gives Orbler a rating of CCC, with a stable outlook.


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