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"UENC is a scalable basic public chain with cross-chain technology. It began to be built in 2018 and issued a token. Although it is an early project, it has not accumulated enough market interest and participation. According to the project disclosure, there was no financing in the early stage, and the capital for R&D mainly came from the team independently. In the future, it is expected to introduce capital into the primary market through the mining sector. Its ecological construction is still in its infancy.

Project Introduction

Its technical features mainly include:

  • DPoW (Directional Proof of Work) consensus algorithm, independently developed by the team, using the C language, which avoids centralized mines to a certain extent. The node is generated randomly, and the miners confirm the probability of their being drawn by Gas, which is random and fair.
  • Hybrid mesh network: The network is composed of public network and intranet. Theoretically, it supports any CPU for mining, which reduces the threshold for users. The sharding is randomly through the transaction network formed with verification nodes and the consensus is completed from the partial to the whole.
  • Storage method improved: Cross-Parallel Storage (CPS) transaction data, forming a virtual main chain, combined with a distributed hash table, aiming to solve the high cost of the traditional storing data through main chain series;
  • Layered network for cross-chain: access to the network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, etc. of other blockchains (such as Bitcoin), aiming to complete the real cross-chain of assets, but it has not yet been implemented;
  • CPU mining reduces the mining threshold. Each miner node needs to stake 500 UENCs to start mining, and it cannot be over staked.

In summary, TokenInsight has assigned a rating of B to the UENC project, with a positive outlook.

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