TokenInsight Crypto Trading Quarterly Report 2021 Q2

TI Research

Binance is dominated in Q2 2021; the MEMEs crazy, and the market got cashed AGAIN! Check the report to find more!

In 2021 Q2, we found:

  • Affected by the “5.19” event, the market volume nearly halved in June.
  • Although the market has suffered a major blow, the proliferation of speculation in derivatives has not changed.
  • The macro landscape of the exchange has not changed significantly: Binance still holds the top spot in the spot and perpetual contract markets, while OKEx and Deribit dominate the futures and options market segments, respectively.
  • Compared with 2021Q1, the proportion of bitcoin-based derivatives trading volume has dropped significantly, while altcoin-based derivatives have relatively increased.
  • In 2021, vocabulary related to MEMEs and Ethereum became a hot spot for users to search.

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