Weekly Recap!A crazy week for $PEOPLE holders and ConstitutionDAO

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gm / gn guys,

This week, the market total TVL remained to stabilize around $260b. All top TVL projects experienced a recovery. Sushiswap has backed to the top 10 again.  However, the trading volume o Opensea shrunk 13%. NFT market is not as shiny as before.

Analytics provider Nansen announced deeper engagement with the Arbitrum Ethereum L2 solution, releasing a comprehensive research report and adding new dashboards for data exploration. It seems like Nansen is throwing their weight behind Arbitrum as the most likely choice for the most successful L2 solution as the wait for Eth sharding continues.

0xMaki, the Sushiswap savior who stepped back from that protocol in recent months announced he will join decentralized liquidity provision and market maker Tokemak as Chief Strategy Advisor. 0xMaki was instrumental in building up Sushiswap in the early days and may have a similar effect on the upcoming launch of Tokemak.

$PEOPLE, the token of ConstitutionDAO, increased 30x during 3 days. This is how a truly fair launch project momentum can achieve uh?

Crypto research team Paradigm's co-founder Matt Huang announced on Nov 25 that they have hired  Georgios Konstantopoulos as their CTO.

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