Weekly Recap!Despite the Plunge in Cryptocurrency Markets, We're Still Seeing New Developments

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WeekFi is a DeFi weekly report launched by the TokenInsight team. It is published every Monday or Tuesday in the form of a PDF report, trying to show readers a complete picture of the DeFi market or NFT market in the past week.


The crypto market suffered a shock during the weekend. The total TVL shrunk below $250b till Monday. However, we have noticed that some projects like Maple Finance, DeversiFi, and Anchor experienced a TVL increase among others. DeversiFi’s airdrop was measured by users’ activities. Hence the boost of TVL relates to the airdrop. 

Paraswap also made a remarkable month. The total trading volume of Paraswap in November reached above $3.7b with the dominant Ethereum mainnet accounted for over 50%. Although it also suffered from the dump at the beginning of December, their momentum is definitely on hook.

Wizard and Dragon Game became this week’s NFTs topic due to its sale volume reached to top 4 above Opensea. It just looks like an evolution of Wolf Game. 

Bancor announced V3 of the feature-laden AMM protocol, bringing improvements to order routing efficiency and significant new impermanent loss protections, now available from day one on single sided liquidity provisions. Liquidity mining rewards are also now auto-compounding, and third-party projects can offer LP incentives on their pools. 1inch announced closing a $175 million Series B funding round, led by Amber Group. DeFi protocol BadgerDAO was exploited for $120 million on Dec 2nd, which we have covered in our DailyFi. 

Let us give a look at GameFi. Illuvium is preparing the land sale of its mini game, Illuvium Zero. The main game will not go online until Q1 2022. Star Atlas also partnership with Sperasoft, a traditional 3A game studio. Finally, we heard some progress.

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