Weekly Recap!Introducing Gearbox and Aave’s Boos

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WeekFi is a DeFi weekly report launched by the TokenInsight team. It is published every Monday or Tuesday in the form of a PDF report, trying to show readers a complete picture of the DeFi market or NFT market in the past week.


This week, although the market performance have been weak still, there were a lot of updates for top DeFi protocols. We have coved some updates from Balancer, Aave, Optimism, Uniswap and Tokemak.

Balancer collaborated with Aave bringing Boosted Pools. Optimism has deprecated their developers whitelist, allowing more users and talents to start developing and experimenting with and deploying contracts on Optimism. Both Uniswap and Tokemak has some remarkable updates. 

We also brings this weeks topic protocol: GearBox, a generalized leverage protocol on Ethereum, which was extremely hot this week. The GearBox is doing a DAO launching, giving control of the protocol to the community, realizing the full decentralization. We disclosed some important basic information of Gearbox as well. 

Tracer, the perpetual protocol on Arbitrum, launched EUR/USD pools. Ribbon go live on Avalanche. Astroport, the DEX on Terra, is about to launch soon.

We have also seen a bunch of new DAOs which inspired by ConstitutionDAO got some updates last week, like AssangeDAO, a DAO try to free Julian Assange against his extradition to USA; FreeRossDAO, a DAO raising money to auction his NFT, further to free Ross, the founder of Silk road network, from the prison, etc. 

Want to dig more? Check out our full report! 


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