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WeekFi is a DeFi weekly report launched by the TokenInsight team. It is published every Monday or Tuesday in the form of a PDF report, trying to show readers a complete picture of the DeFi market or NFT market in the past week.

Merry Christmas! 

This week Topic: SOS airdrop brought Christmas a hot atmosphere during the weekend.  OpenDAO is collaborated and airdropped SOS to all NFT participants who have contributed into the NFT market since 2020. The SOS market cap has cross $226m. 

Fei Protocol and Rari Capital officially initiated the planned merger between the two protocols, converting RGT to TRIBE for tokenholders. The two projects will retain separate branding and roadmaps in the short term, with full incentive alignment and resource sharing to come in 2022.

Lido announced an upgrade of bLuna on Terra. Anchor’s TVL broke $10b on December! Now Terra’s Eco has more participants like Astroport and SPEC, etc. 

We are delight to find that Aelin protocol, an fundraising protocol on Ethereum, is already got introduced by Synthetix founder Kain. It was quite interesting that how they started the project. 

This week, Friktion and Katana open testnet for early users, BitMEX launched their own token, Convex, Lyra and Solana disclosed Monthly or even yearly review. 

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