How Fracton Revolutionalized Fractonal NFT


Traditional fractional NFTs present a set of drawbacks that can limit their potential.

Firstly, they lack liquidity due to their uniqueness, which can make trading difficult. This uniqueness also creates a problem of valuation as there's no standard way to determine the worth of an NFT, often leading to speculative pricing.

Secondly, the fractionalization process can also lead to ownership disputes and legal complications, as the rights and responsibilities of fractional owners are not always clear. Additionally, they rely heavily on the infrastructure of the Ethereum network, which has high transaction costs, cutting accessibility to retail collectors in a big way.

Fracton Protocol addresses the drawbacks of traditional fractional NFTs through a host of innovative features and partnerships. Its enhanced security measures and non-upgradable smart contracts provide complete transparency and verifiability of fractional NFTs, while its partnership with KuCoin allows them to be traded on a zero gas fee and user-friendly environment.

Through its unique stateless system design it not only enhances Ethereum's scalability but also promotes decentralization and composability for DApps built on the platform. With a cost-efficient stateless system, Fracton minimizes the data added to the Ethereum state, addressing the state explosion problem and streamlining user interactions.

Furthermore, Fracton's pool-less liquidity design achieves over 25% gas reduction compared to traditional swaps by minting/burning user address tokens instead of transferring them. This design innovation significantly reduces transaction costs, offering competitive redemption fees compared to its competitors.

Fracton's strength also lies in its robust partnerships, particularly with KuCoin, a top centralized exchange. Their collaboration has led to groundbreaking initiatives, such as launching an exclusive series of fractional NFTs as Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) on a top exchange for the first time. Beyond this, Fracton works closely with KuCoin on community building, educational initiatives, and user support. Their regular AMA sessions on Twitter Spaces and Telegram facilitate user engagement and education in the NFT space.

Lastly, Fracton Protocol drives KuCoin's Weekly NFT Recap, showcasing their in-depth knowledge of the NFT industry. This active sharing of expertise positions Fracton as a leader in the NFT revolution, helping to make NFTs more accessible and affordable for a broader audience. This strategic partnership, coupled with Fracton's innovative approach to fractional NFTs, sets new industry standards and paves the way for new opportunities in the NFT market.


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