How to Use StarkNet


Unlike zkSync, Starknet does not support MetaMask or your typical wallet. So, you'll first need to install a Starknet-specific wallet before you interact with the network.

There are two options. Argent X and Braavos. Argent X is the first Starknet wallet and, thus, more popular. Based on download data, around 70% of Starknet users pick Argent X. I've tried both, and they provide similar user experiences.

However, Argent X is only available in Chrome and Firefox (the Argent mobile app is a different product). On the other hand, Braavos is also available in Brave and Microsoft Edge, as well as in Android and iOS.

The official links to download them are:

Argent X:


After setting up your Starknet wallet, the next step is bridging your assets. Like the previous zkSync guide, you can choose either the official bridge or a third-party one like Orbiter. The official bridge only allows you to bridge from and to the Ethereum mainnet. To save gas and qualify for a potential Orbiter airdrop, I'd recommend using Orbiter Finance, as it is much cheaper to bridge from a layer-2 like Arbitrum to Starknet.

Nevertheless, the choice is yours, and the official links are:

Starknet Official Bridge:

Orbiter Finance:

On either option, when selecting Starknet as the destination, you will be prompted to connect to both your funding wallet (MetaMask, etc.) and your Starknet wallet (Argent X or Braavos).

Starknet Official Bridge
Orbiter Finance

After connecting both wallets, select your amount and send. Again, I recommend using Orbiter and bridging from a layer-2 like Arbitrum because it saves you a lot of gas.

There is another interesting option, Layerswap, which allows you to bridge directly from many more sources, such as non-EVM chains (Solana), exchange accounts (Binance, OKX, etc.), and zkSync Era, which are all not supported by Orbiter.

The Layerswap official link is:


Layerswap does not require you to connect your Starknet wallet. You only need your funding wallet and a Starknet address. Imagine bridging between zkSync Era and Starknet to farm airdrops on both networks, killing two birds with one stone.

Bridging from zkSync Era to Starknet on Layerswap

Layer 2


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