How to Use TokenInsight Bulk Transfer Assistant


The TokenInsight Bulk Transfer Assistant is a coin bulk transfer tool developed by TokenInsight. The transfer assistant is fully open source and does not come with additional gas fees, so any user can use it confidently at any time.

Github link:

Currently, the Batch Transfer Assistant supports 9 chains, and the corresponding contract public addresses for these 9 chains are as follows:

How to Use It?

Step 1

Open the tool via:

Step 2

Choose your network and connect your crypto wallet.

Step 3

Choose, or enter the token contract address you want to send.

We have preset some commonly used coins for different networks, which can be selected directly. If you want to send a different coin, just enter its contract address and click "Load." After that, the balance of that token in your address will be loaded and displayed.

You are ready for the next step.

Step 4

Enter the target addresses you want to send to and the amounts to be sent to each address.

In the input box, you need to put the address and the amount in the same line, with one address per line. Any symbol can be used to separate the address and the amount, such as an equal sign, comma, space, etc.

After that, the list of your transfers will be displayed in real-time at the bottom, as shown in the figure above.

We also support uploading addresses and amounts directly (via csv or txt).

Regarding the specific amount sent to each recipient, we also provide two additional options: "Equal amount" and "Random amount."

Equal and Random Amount

If you choose "Equal amount," you only need to input the specific amount to be sent to each address with just one click.

If you choose "Random amount", you need to determine the range of the random amount and the number of decimal places.

You can click the purple random icon multiple times to refresh the random amount.

Step 5

Approval and execution.

After connecting your wallet and entering the token contract you want to send, you will be able to see the amount of tokens authorized to our open-source contract by your current address in the fifth step, as shown below:

If you haven't made any approval before, you need to approve it before executing the transaction. After the transaction is sent, you can view the on-chain actions of the transaction execution on the right-hand side.

Note that if you choose to send the native token of the network, such as sending ETH token on the Ethereum or Arbitrum network, no approval is required. Therefore, when you perform such operations, you will not see the approved amount or approve button.

Welcome to use our Batch Transfer Assistant. Again, our Batch Transfer Assistant is fully open-source and does not charge any additional gas fees. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us. We also welcome any improvement suggestions and requests for more support.

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