What are Features of Tokenlon DEX


Tokenlon utilizes a Request for Quotation order matching model, which helps provide users with the best prices for each trading pair by aggregating volume from various DEXes. Thus far, it has integrated Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3, Curve, and Sushiswap, with plans to cover more liquidity pools.

Tokenlon strives to offer the best DEX trading experience:

  • Best prices for the most-traded pair, ETH-USDT, using its RFQ model.
  • 99.76% transaction success rate - if you place an order on Tokenlon, it will go through.
  • Trade even without any ETH to pay for the gas.
  • Compensation for slippage caused by a sudden price change.

Currently, Tokenlon provides two primary functions:

  • Instant Swap: Swap between tokens instantly, regardless of whether you have ETH to pay gas fees in your wallet.
  • Limit Order: Execute orders at the exact intended price. Your orders will only execute when the price hits your pre-set price. This function is also available on the Arbitrum network.


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