What are the Interesting Starknet Projects


The Starknet ecosystem is still early, partly because Starknet is not EVM-compatible, and developers have to convert Solidity contracts to Cairo. There are only a dozen live protocols. I will cover the more prominent ones below.


JediSwap is currently the #1 Dex on Starknet with more than $7 million in TVL. It is a Uniswap V2 fork and plans to integrate Uniswap V3 in Q3, 2023. It also powers Argent X in-wallet swaps.

The official JediSwap website: https://www.jediswap.xyz

You can swap between ETH and USDC on JediSwap because it is the most liquid pair.

JediSwap token swap

You can also LP on JediSwap. But the yield is meh without token rewards. JediSwap has yet to issue a token. Moreover, JediSwap has received 150,000 $STRK in Early Adopter Grants from Starknet Foundation and may receive more in the future. JediSwap may redistribute these rewards to early users. Providing liquidity is more likely to earn you rewards compared to just trading.

JediSwap pools overview

10K Swap (https://10kswap.com/) is #2 on Starknet with a TVL of $2.5 million.

10K Swap stats

mySwap (https://www.myswap.xyz) is #3 with a TVL of 2.1 million.

mySwap stats

There is not much difference between these Dexes, but JediSwap offers the least slippage and the most fees at the moment. There are a few other smaller Dexes with negligible TVL.


zkLend (https://zklend.com) is the only live lending protocol with meaningful TVL. Well-known DeFi players like Delphi Digital and Starkware itself back it. It has close to $1 million in capital supply, but the rates do not look attractive.

zkLend stats


RabbitX (https://app.rabbitx.io/) is a live, order-book perp exchange on top of Ethereum, powered by Starknet. You connect to the site with an Ethereum mainnet wallet. Deposits and withdrawals on RabbitX are done on Ethereum layer 1. RabbitX then uses Starknet for trading.

There are no gas fees when trading on RabbitX, but deposits and withdrawals cost gas. You must deposit ERC-20 USDT to start trading, and withdrawals may take up to 12 hours.

It offers eight pairs right now.

RabbitX trading pairs

Layer 2


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