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Cosmos is a Layer1 blockchain network based on the Tendermint consensus mechanism and characterized by a mesh structure. Each blockchain within the Cosmos network is an independent and fully functional PoS blockchain. Similar to Ethereum, these chains have their own set of validator nodes and can generate their own blocks. Together, they form the Cosmos ecosystem.

The origins of Cosmos can be traced back to 2014, with initial support from the Interchain Foundation. Its original software was developed by Tendermint Inc in 2014. However, Cosmos doesn't rely exclusively on Tendermint Inc as its sole core development team responsible for maintenance and upgrades. Since its inception, the development of the Cosmos ecosystem has evolved to involve multiple teams working collaboratively.

Structurally, Cosmos is not a single blockchain but a complex ecosystem composed of multiple interoperable blockchains. It leverages a series of open-source tools such as Tendermint, Cosmos SDK, and the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol to enable developers to build customizable and interoperable blockchains. Blockchains built on Cosmos can maintain their sovereignty and adapt to various use cases as needed. Meanwhile, they can process transactions quickly and communicate with other blockchains within the Cosmos ecosystem.

For better understanding, we can consider Cosmos as a federation of city-states. Each member of the federation is a sovereign entity governed by a common set of rules. Within the Cosmos ecosystem, the capital city of the federation is called the Hub, while the member states are referred to as Zones. In theory, anyone can create a Hub or Zone within Cosmos, resulting in multiple Hubs and Zones coexisting. With the support of Cosmos' built-in cross-chain communication protocol, they can interact with each other. Currently, the only Hub in Cosmos is the Cosmos Hub, which serves as the central router for all interchain transactions within the Cosmos ecosystem.

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